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Teaching assistantships are available for incoming students. These appointments award the recipient with a full, in-state tuition waiver and monthly stipend. To apply you must complete a Graduate Assistantship (teaching assistantship) Application and have a complete graduate program application file before February 15th (postmark deadline) for the following academic year. Applicants for teaching assistantships must write an additional brief letter in which they describe their interest in and prior experience with teaching. Teaching assistantships are awarded after February 15th for the following year. No applicant can be considered for a teaching assistantship until all required material has been received. Note especially that in order for the department to receive the GRE scores by February, applicants must take the GRE no later than the previous December.

For students in their second year of study, three Graduate Service Appointments (GSA) are available, one for each internship—Managing Editor, Willow Springs; Programs Assistant, Get Lit!; and Director, Writers in the Community. These appointments award the recipient with a full tuition waver and monthly stipend.


To be considered for Financial Aid, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.