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2009-2010 Events Calendar

In addition to regular classes, our program offers numerous other oppotunities to learn about and experience the writing life. Join us for Voice Over once a month when your fellow students and at least one faculty members share their work. They take place at 7 pm at the Empyrean.

Mark your calendar for all of the Third Thursday Seminars, offered in the 4th floor conference room at 4 pm. This is when a panel of faculty members answer your questions about how to live and survive as a writer. Make sure you post questions for all upcoming seminars on the MFA Blackboard discussion boardr.

Don't miss the workshops our Visiting Writers conduct. Usually there's a reading and a party in the evening following any visit, time and location is sent via email shortly before the event.

9: Voice Over
15: Third Thursday Seminar--PhD/Continuing Eduction

6: Visiting Writer Susan Musgrave
13: Voice Over
19: Third Thursday Seminar--Employment

4: Voice Over

15: Voice Over
21: Third Thursday Seminar--Promotion

5: Visiting Writer John Rybicki
18: Third Thursday Seminar--Submissions and Publications

5: Visiting Writer Molly Giles
22-26: Spring Break

14-21: Get Lit! Literary Festival
29: Third Thursday Seminar--Connecting/Networking with Agents and Editors

7: Visiting Writer Ira Sukrungruang
14: Visiting Writer Lydia Millet
20: Third Thursday Seminar--The Writing Life

11: Commencement



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